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I just want to thank you for your extra amount of dedication to help us resolve a Concordia Camp registration issue. I understand that you worked on Saturday night, and had the issue resolved by Sunday morning. I appreciate all your hard work contributing to the success and smooth operation of our soccer camp! I also appreciate the quick turnaround. Please forward this email to your manager. I want them to know that we are happy customers because of you.

Thanks again,
Vancouver United Soccer Alliance
Director of Public Relations

Bonzi software makes running our clubs easy. They are responsive and listen when we have ideas and request something new in the software. We really feel like they are on 'our team'.

Mike Kemp
District Commissioner

I would like to thank the support personnel. Being able to contact by phone is a big reason things are so great.

I just wanted to take a minute and do the unthinkable - say something positive. Our Bonzi support is unbelievable! Every time I ask for something, you all deliver - happily. I am so behind on my "to do list", that I often ask for things at the very last minute. Every time I ask, Tom Dale gets it done. WOW. It is unbelievable in this day and age. Tom's help is such a big part of our success and I am most grateful to you for providing his services to us. I hope you have a great day and thanks again for making it so easy to work with Bonzi/SAM.

Your biggest fan!

Our basketball club has been using Bonzi software since 2004. Bonzi software has been there every step of the way for us. We couldn't manage our Showtime Athletics without them or the software. We use their software to manage all of our basketball leagues and camps. None of us are very good with computers, but Bonzi software is easy to learn and even fun to use. It saves us time, keeps us organized, and our parents love the online services. Best of all, anytime we need help, we simply pick up the phone.

Les Harrison
Showtime Athletics
Former Harlem Globetrotter

We've been using Bonzi software since 2002. It's really helped make our registration process simple for parents and has improved how we manage payments. Getting information onto our web site is quick and easy, even for me. Bonzi's staff are always there to help no matter what our problem or questions.

Great Barton Barton Football

We've been using Bonzi and its software since 2002 now and truly could not live without it! With several thousand registrations a year, hundreds of teams to coordinate and parents to communicate with, it is an invaluable tool for the smooth operation of our club. Our website is user friendly for both myself and our membership. The Bonzi staff is knowledgeable, responsive to questions and concerns and seems to really care about taking care of their customers.

Dawn - Administrator
Willamette United Soccer

Rush Soccer has been using Bonzi software since 2006. They serve our clubs across the US providing web sites, registration management and much more. They've helped us provide a turn key system to our clubs making it easy for them to manage their day to day operational needs and improve communication for everyone.

Tim Schulz
Rush Soccer

Our league has been using Bonzi football software for two years starting with just a few of our clubs and expanding the software for use throughout the entire league. It's made registration and management of our football and cheerleading programs much simplier AND we now have easy and powerful tools like group email that make our jobs so much eaiser. Bonzi has helped us figure out how we can use the software to solve our unique problems and gone over and above to help and show they are "on the team"!

Ken Whitely
Aloha Football

I've looked at a lot of software and Bonzi offered us more features and choices for a great price. It's allowed us to grow and easily manage our organization and all the new programs we offer. The software's been easy to use and the support staff are excellent about helping when you need it. You just pick up the phone!

Taylor Barton
Barton Football Academy

We've been working with Bonzi since 2001. We are continuously approached by other providers who try and get us to change. Even though I know we can change providers anytime we like, I always tell them we're not switching. We are staying right where we are because we are happy with our Bonzi software and their great support of our organization.

Lake Oswego Soccer Club

Just finished up the training with Tom and the group. Both you and Tom have done a great job helping and advising me on Bonzi matters. Just wanted to let you know.


I wanted to send you a quick note about Tom. He is truly amazing and I value all his time and expertise. His customer service is definitely above and beyond and he always follows through. He has helped me with the system so much, I am sure I could not do my job without his advice. He responds quickly and gets me through every new step.

Even though Bonzi is simple, he makes it more so for me with all his help. I appreciate him very much.

Coleen D.

Thank you for your response - I appreciate you showing me how to easily fix some of my own goof ups! I was able to get into the website and help register someone and it was very simple.

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate all your help this last month during our transition. It has been so great to know that I can rely on someone who is friendly and so knowledgeable!


I just wanted to give you some positive feedback about your website and registration process. It is great! I love that it remembers your information season after season and it is so user-friendly. Also, I love the design, colors and logo.

Thank you so much!

Dawn B.

You are the very best! Thanks for the best customer service - ALWAYS!!!! I wish everything was as dependable as you and Bonzi.


I wanted to thank each of you for your support of our club's efforts, allowing us to provide a high-quality soccer experience for the kids in our area. Without Bonzi, we'd still be languishing in the dark ages.

Jim B.

Lake Oswego Youth Football has been using Bonzi since 2008 and we are very happy. We have over 275 players each year and the software makes it very easy to track registration and payment as well as create teams and rosters. Our members have found the software easy to access and easy to use. As registrar, I am asked to create reports with a variety of information. The Bonzi software makes it very easy to create reports with very specific criteria. When I do have a question, I just call technical support and have had great success in talking with them to solve my issues. Customer service means a lot these days and Bonzi provides it every time.

Kristin M
Registrar, Lake Oswego Youth Football

There were about 5 of us that short listed it to 3 companies. We decided on Bonzi because it was user friendly and they are able to customize anything we needed. Even our 65 year old Treasurer likes it for the financials, at the beginning of the process I had to help him get on to the online meetings as he is not familiar with computer programs, now he thinks he is a computer whiz.

This was our first year online and we need a couple of things adjusted but nothing major. Overall I have been thrilled with Bonzi, the product and their service. Our Rep quite often responses to my desperate pleas even on the weekend.

Pete Skinner the North District Rep with a IT background was the one that suggested we look at Bonzi as the District was considering it. It was a great choice. I would be happy to let you login to our system and go over it with you on the phone if you like.

Tracy O.
Canadian Soccer Club

Thank you so much Ms Goldammer it was a pleasure to do business with a company that take care of there customer and have a vaule for customer service and not just how much money you can spend with your software my sports club will grow because I have less work that i have to do.thanks again.

Mike T.
Louisiana Sports Association

Coleen has been fantastic to work with. She is extremely responsive, great at following up and a very pleasant person to work with. She gives me great comfort to know that things are being done correctly and if there are any issues they will be fixed quickly. She is a great representative of your company.

We have been supported by Coleen and at every step she has done a wonderful job making this application easy for us. Like most soccer clubs we have other jobs and do not have a resident expert (no offence Mr. President) in the web development field or a lot of time to spend learning how to set up the system once per year. Coleen has made the use of Bonzi, the implementation of credit card billing, registration opening and closing and form generation easy and quick. This is a software company that actually seems to pay attention and like its clients. WE LOVE WORKING WITH COLEEN! BONZI works for us rather than us working "at" Bonzi. Thanks for an easy year.

Doug was great. He never got upset when I called, no matter how many times I called each day. He has very good customer service skills. I enjoyed working with him.

Got our registration back open so quick! Thanks for correcting my problem. Also the fields Coleen suggested and added for me make keeping track of uniform #'s so much easier! Thnks guys

Coleen has been incredible! I caught her on one of her first days. She called in help and got my questions answered. Since then, she has been extremely helpful, prompt, knowlegable and communicates quickly with me.

Crystal (and engineering behind her) went "above and beyond" today getting schedules fixed up for us so we could post new ones. As always, she was helpful and prompt.

Doug was wonderful in helping get spring registration up and going. I kept throwing him wild curve balls and he always came back with a great solution.

I asked for help under the "let us help you" box on the bonzi page. It was marked "not an urgent matter" and my problem was resolved by the next morning. I was very happy with the service. Thanks.

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