Concussion Education and Tracking

It's important that players, parents and coaches are aware of the risk of injury while playing sports. Concussions are a major concern for all involved. Many organizations are moving to include concussion education as part of their participation requirements.

If your organization wants to include concussion education and tracking, Bonzi can help. Bonzi offers concussion information packets prepared by the Center for Disease Control distributed to players and coaches during the online registration process. Administrators can track who has received the packet and who has not.

This educational information gives parents, coaches and players:

  • Information on how to determine if a player has a concussion or should seek medical help.
  • What steps to take if a player takes a "hard hit" to the body.
  • The inherent risks involved in playing a sport.
  • How to prevent such injuries.

It's a great tool that will show your commitment to your members.

To help ensure that this information is read, parents, players and coaches who register online through the Bonzi software are required to download and indicate they have received and reviewed the information. The system has the ability to track who has or has not seen this information.

To receive or get more information about this service, contact us toll-free at 866-726-4131 or send us an email at

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