What Our Customers Say

Our basketball club has been using Bonzi software since 2004. Bonzi has been there every step of the way for us. We manage all of our basketball leagues and camps with their software. We aren't very good with computers, but if we need help, we just pick up the phone.

Les Harrison
Showtime Athletics
Former Harlem Globetrotter
Easier Everything

Do these problems sound familiar?
  • We need to stop using paper and go "online" to make it easier for everyone.
  • We need to switch from our current sports software provider, but it needs to be better and easy to transfer!
  • Our current volunteers are overworked and we can't attract new volunteers.
  • Our members complain they never know what's going on.
  • How do we take advantage of fundraising opportunities?
  • We want to be able to control our data and keep it private.
  • Our web site is always out of date.
  • It's hard to track and manage all of our information and money.
Everyday, volunteers and staff members dealing with these same problems choose Bonzi Sports Software to help manage their basketball website, online registration, game schedules, online payment collection, group emails, and so much more.

Unlimited SupportPlus, we offer the best customer support in the industry.
Who We Work With

Are You Using Software Now?

You might have software that is expensive and hard to use, without decent customer support. Maybe you are still stuck doing registrations by hand. Either way, you need a reasonably priced, automated online system that "just works".

Here's what our customers tell us they want:

• A user-friendly system including online registration software that can handle anything, no matter the size of our organization.
• Software that is reasonably priced, with no hidden fees.
• A system accessible online any time, from any computer.
For large basketball clubs or leagues with paid staff or volunteers:

There's a lot to do and not always enough man power to do it. That's why you need efficient web-based sports software that's a snap to use, with a great customer support team ready to back you up whenever you need it!

For small basketball clubs, leagues, camps or tournaments run by volunteers:

You stuck your hand up and now you're it! You're the volunteer in charge of choosing the online registration software that will make everyone's job easier, with customer support that can get you up and running fast!
How It Works

Our Software Works Over The Internet
Our basketball management software is used online, with no equipment to buy and no software to install on your computer.

Special Features Just For Basketball
Loads of special basketball features like automatic roll-forward of teams and age groups make your job easier!

All-In-One Basketball Software - Log In and Go!
Our software includes ALL the features needed to run your organization. You won't have to piece together software products to get the job done. With one log in, you can edit your basketball web site, setup online registration, create teams, schedule games, track and manage your money, send group emails and more!
All Your Data Is Safe
All your data is kept safely on Bonzi servers, and it's backed up immediately after you enter it.

Share information fast
No matter what your role in your Sports club or league, it's easy for everybody to share the information they need and are authorized to access, because it's Web-based.

Easy-To-Use with Unlimited Free Support
Even the most timid computer users will love this software and find it easy to use, with our friendly staff answering any questions you have by phone or email, responding quickly and giving you unlimited help.
See Customers Like You

Take a look at other basketball organizations that use Bonzi Sports Software by by visiting our web site gallery. Each have their own story about how they wanted to make life easier for their volunteers, parents, and players, and just enjoy playing basketball. From nationwide basketball associations to small town clubs, Bonzi can help.

Many clients come to Bonzi after using other software providers, while others simply knew that the "paper method" wasn't working anymore and wanted a change.

What's your story? We can help! Ready to get started?

What Happens Next? 

Online Basketball Registration

What happens after you decide that Bonzi is the right Basketball League Management Software solution for you?

  • A personal sports software specialist works one-on-one with you to get you up and running fast.
  • Your specialist talks with you to decide the best set up for your basketball club, league or association.
  • We set up your software, credit card account, web address, and anything else you need.
  • You get one-on-one training with your specialist to show you everything you need to know.

How Bonzi Makes It Easier Than Other Providers

  • We work with you to get everything set up – no confusing help guides to figure out by yourself.
  • No long wait to get your questions answered by people that don't know you or your organization. Your personal specialist is available directly by phone or email.
  • You won't be left alone to figure out all of the “technical stuff” that leaves you scratching your head and frustrated. We take care of everything for you.

Your Basketball Software Team

With Bonzi, you'll have your own team of experts in basketball and software to back you up. We get to know your unique basketball organization and its special needs, and work with you directly.

Advantages You'll Notice with Bonzi

  • Registration will be easier on everyone – especially your registrar.
  • Money is deposited quickly and directly into your account.
  • Communication improves with everyone.
  • Your basketball league website is always up-to-date.
  • Information is easy to find, and it’s accurate.
  • Tasks that were always hard are now simple.
  • Volunteer hours decrease, and more people volunteer.
  • Families love online registration and find it easier.
  • Programs can grow without you worrying about how to keep up.
  • Fundraising increases.
  • If you don’t know the answer, you can call someone who does know.
  • You may find you have some extra time as a result!

Getting Started 

Get Started!

Getting Started with Bonzi is fast and easy!

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